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Dat [contemporary sound*performance*installation art] Festival

Oct 7*8*9 > Kesselhaus Herzberge {L*Berg}

Hosted in the boiler house of an east-Berlin hospital, the first edition of Dat Festival brings two days of experimental music shows flirting with the contemporariest of dance performances, breathtaking in-situ installations and tightly curated film screenings; of noise DJs and weird electroacoustic acts pushing through the night and well into the morning, with a workshops programme taking over in the afternoon, before it all starts again for another night of sonic frenzy.

DAT festival is curated by a collective of local DIY organisers and labels, and we are super grateful to Kesselhaus for letting use their gorgeous space. It's a 15 minutes bike ride from Frankfürter Allee, and tramways from Landsberger Allee run all night.


Etienne Jaumet • T.Raumschmiere • Harmony Horizon • Thisquietarmy • Batalj • Fausto Maijstral • Ensemble Economique • Jealousy Party • NADA • Analytical Engine • Biblo • Shun Owada • AA..LL • Samin Son • Haarp Hysteria • Wizard Ashdod • Agente Costura • Rob Gordon • Fabien Artal • Piersanti + Krok + Tallone • Morihide Sawada • Madame Merde • The Preterite • Hamster • Merry Peers • Club Rousseau • CMCC • Munsha • Arai Tatsuru • Nora Neko • Conure • N O R M A L S • Casey Moir • Bastiaan Hagedorn • Glass Nest • Shingo Yoshida • I've seen Demons • Buckminster • ROOMS • Body Bender • INRA • Unprofessional • René Margraff • Seele • Samuel Moncharmont • XING • DJ Yugo • UmamiLab • MARTÍ • Florence Freitag + Johannes Plank • Adam Goodwin • Penelope Gkika • Rubén D’Hers • Peter Knoll • Maroulita de Kol • Jakob Rudolph + Lars Ennsen • Dr. Nexus • A&Ré • TT Geigenschrey: Informel • Isabel • Rieko Okuda • Marcello Silvio Busato • Maxwell August Croy • Mauro Di Ciocia • Owen-Stewart Robertson • Benjamin Düster • ImmLau • €£IT€ DJJ M¢$W€AT • Michiyasu Furutani • Régis Lemberthe • Wegmann + Partanen • Elena Kakaliagou • B.Kuzniak • Ememe • Sahar Homami • Venderstrooik • Claire Meguerditchian + Beatrice Bresolin • Die! Goldstein • Sunrise Over A Dystopic Future City


released October 17, 2016

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Here are some rec. from DAT FEST, masterised and available for free downloads or donnation ones. This will support our work and the expenses that still need to be covered. Thanks to you all and share it wide !</h2>



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